Boopos pockets $30 million in online acquisition funding

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) financing platform Boopos announcement on Wednesday, February 2, it raised $30 million in a combined debt and equity financing round.

UK FinTech Fasanara led the fundraising effort for Boopos, with additional investments from Zubi Capital and early investors The Venture City, Plug and Play Tech Center, K Fund and FJ Labs.

Angel investors included Eduardo Vilar, senior vice president of merchant solutions at Affirm, and Juan de Antonio, CEO and founder of Cabify, as well as private equity and corporate executives.

Boopos underwrites businesses online in less than 48 hours and provides facilities to fund up to 80% of an acquisition on a revenue-based schedule, the company’s announcement says.

The company also works with commercial brokers to pre-approve listings, allowing them to close a sale in less than 45 days. Boopos has 200 qualified buyers on its waiting list and partnerships with specialized brokers.

Boopos vets its buyers before they can access the company’s services to ensure they have the skills and background needed to be a successful business owner. The platform also offers analysis and access to pre-approved listings published by brokers, including 100 new Amazon, eCommerce and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) listings per month.

“Our mission goes beyond supporting business owners financially,” said Juan Ignacio Garcia Braschi, CEO and Founder of Boopos. “We partner with them by analyzing target companies, betting on their acquisitions and giving them the confidence to go through with their deals.

“This Seed series will help us evolve and continue to grow our proprietary business owner platform. We want to make sure that funding is not a barrier for talented and committed people.

In other M&A news, the Federal Trade Commission may review Microsoft’s $70 billion bid for Activision in what would be its first test to show its new approach to mergers since joint consultation with the division. Department of Justice Antitrust to revise merger guidelines.

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