I thought I met the man of my dreams online

THE TINDER Swindler isn’t the only romantic con man who charms women into falling in love and swindling them out of their life savings.

American nurse Virginia claims she fell in love with a man she met online and talked to him, texted and even FaceTimed him every day – that’s how he managed to convince her. shelling out his retirement savings for a bogus investment opportunity.


An American nurse claims she fell in love with a man she met online, and he scammed her into shelling out her retirement savings for a bogus investment opportunity (stock photo)Credit: Getty

Virginia, a registered nurse, says she met the man online on an unidentified dating app and planned a future with him.

“I thought [he] loved me,” she wrote on a GoFundMe page. “We made life plans. We talked about the unconditional love we had for each other.

“We talked about where we would spend our future vacations and celebrations with our families and friends. We talked, texted or FaceTimed daily.”

With such frequent contact, she had no reason to believe that this man wasn’t the real deal.

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So when she discussed preparing for retirement and he suggested a way to get the most out of her 401(k) retirement savings, she said she trusted his advice.

“He told me that if I put my retirement money in a high yield cryptocurrency account, I could earn the extra funds I would need for my retirement in a few months,” she wrote. .

“So, I did. I agreed to put my 401(k) and my inheritance in the account he created online for me. And it grew like he said it would,” a- she continued.

During this time, she claims, the man was on a business trip and continued to put off his plans to return home, giving her various excuses.

He eventually started asking her for money to wrap it up, she claims.

“I took out two loans, mortgaged my home paid off and sent him all my cash savings,” she wrote.

“He told me that as soon as he could finish the job, he could go home. He said, ‘I’ll pay you back every penny.’ I believed it and why not, we were to spend the rest of our lives together“, she wrote.

She claims she was also not particularly worried because her cryptocurrency investment was about to mature, and she believed she would soon have the money to pay off the debt.

But that didn’t happen.

“I tried several times to withdraw the funds from the account online, without success,” she said.

Virginia said she frequently FaceTimed the man, who opened an account for her to invest in cryptocurrency – then took the money


Virginia said she frequently FaceTimed the man, who opened an account for her to invest in cryptocurrency – then took the moneyCredit: Getty

“I contacted the account online and they emailed me, ‘We seem to have a problem with your account, but it is currently being processed and you should be able to withdraw your funds when complete. .it will take about 14-21 working days.'”

Eventually, she claims, she asked a family friend to look into the account and learned she had been scammed.

“I was devastated! I lost everything I had worked so hard for, including the man I thought loved me,” she said.

“So here I am, I’ve lost my retirement money, all my savings, I’m in debt, I’m trying not to lose my house, my stolen identity and I’m desperate for help to pay back what I can. and come out of this heartbreaking experience,” she continued.

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“You might think, how could this have happened to me? Well, it did. I was the victim of an online romance scam,” she admitted.

Virginia shared her story on GoFundMe earlier this month and received $1,300 in donations.

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