Real estate lease to be renewed online from March

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The lease of a property purchased from Bhopal Development Authority (BDA) will be renewed online from March. The NOC required to take out the loan can also be subscribed through the online mode.

IT manager Niranjan Singh said all councils and state authorities are moving to online mode, so BDA has also started the process. The lease renewal process and the NOC process have also been transferred to online mode using the computer card. It would likely launch in a few months, Singh added.

Singh explained the procedure for the consumer to enter the property identifier for the lease renewal option on the BDA website. A form will appear on the screen in which the required documents must be uploaded. A copy of the documents must also be sent to the BDA by post.

After that, BDA would complete the process based on the documents submitted online and the lease would be renewed. The same process would be followed for the required NOC bank during the loan procedure.

Namely, there are about 120 BDA schemes of BDA in which the lease must be renewed. If a property is disputed or the required documents are not complete, the person concerned should go to the BDA office.

Posted: Tuesday 01 February 2022, 13:02 IST

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