Summit Title Completes First Remote Online Notarization in New Hampshire, Powered by Stavvy

BOSTON, MA/ACCESSWIRE/February 23, 2021/ Stavythe fintech company building the future of digital and remote mortgage collaboration, and Summit Title, a customer-focused title company serving New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, just announced that they have completed the first eClosing Remote Online Notarization (RON) in the state of New Hampshire.

As consumers increasingly demand fully remote access to facilitate loans and mortgages, states across the country are establishing or expanding RON and related measures. New Hampshire passed RON into law last year, allowing Summit to use New Hampshire-based notaries and allowing Stavvy to provide the technology for truly paperless real estate transactions.

“We are thrilled to have completed the state’s first completely remote online title transaction using a New Hampshire notary,” said Roselyn J. Langianese, president of Summit Title Services. “By partnering with Stavvy, we are able to provide a secure and seamless experience for our customers. We look forward to continuing to offer robust RON and remote options to our customers in New Hampshire and beyond.

“The future of mortgage lending is digital, and we are at the forefront of this innovation as new regulations open up opportunities across the country,” said Henry Smith, director of implementation and support at Stavy. “Summit Title has been a fantastic partner and we are happy to celebrate this milestone with them. We look forward to working further with Summit and other New Hampshire title and settlement companies to deliver RON, eSign, eRecording, and more. again.

Stavvy’s digital closing and servicing platform simplifies real estate and mortgage transactions from start to finish. Stavvy’s Eligibility Engine, the first of its kind, allows users to save time by quickly determining if a transaction is eligible for Remote Online Notarization (RON), Remote Ink Notarization (RIN) or Electronic Registration . Stavvy’s RON tools, which are designed to comply with MISMO® standards, can authenticate identity, seal all post-closing documents and verify electronic notarization backed by a secure cryptographic certificate. With Stavvy, everything is streamlined into a single platform to allow greater visibility and faster, easier communication between all parties involved.

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About Stavy

Stavy is a Boston-based, venture capital-backed financial technology company whose mission is to manage security risk, eliminate fragmentation, and increase the speed, efficiency, and transparency of lending and Bank transactions. The company’s mission is to transform fragmented workflows into trusted, seamless experiences where technology does the work so people can focus on what matters most. Its platform includes eClosing features, such as eSign, digital notary and video conferencing, specifically designed for real estate, legal and business professionals. To learn more, visit

About the summit title

Summit Title is a full-service title company providing residential and commercial fencing services and title insurance in New Hampshire, southern Maine and Massachusetts. Summit Title strives to provide excellent customer service, providing a simplified, secure and smooth experience for our partners and customers using the latest technology.

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